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In the typical courtroom scenario, what one finds is a jury, comprised mostly of visual learners, who are waiting to be SHOWN the information, and lawyers, who are auditory learners and teachers, attempting to communicate the information by verbally explaining it. This common situation invariably creates a significant gap in communication between the lawyer and the judge and jury. The impact of this gap upon the success of a case cannot be overstated because if a judge or jury cannot visualize your argument, they typically will not understand it. Animators, by designing persuasive and creative courtroom evidence, help to bridge the gap between the verbal communicator and the visual learner.

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TRIAL TECH is a full service trial presentation and litigation support firm, specializing in the preparation, setup and execution of fully integrated evidence presentation systems. For over a decade, Trial Tech has assisted thousands of attorneys nationwide with the integration of documents, photographs, graphics, video, animation and other exhibits into a clear and convincing computer-based courtroom presentation.

Utilizing only the most modern courtroom technology, our trial technicians are exceptionally experienced in high stakes civil litigation and easily assimilates into the trial team. Whether involved in a four month trial or a one day dispute resolution proceeding, we understand the demands of large complex litigation and conform to the varying styles of the numerous litigators. From discovery to verdict to final appeal, TRIAL TECH provides customized presentation support services and equipment configurations for any litigation communications challenge and venue in the U.S.

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